3 Tips For IPL betting


Not everyone who likes to bet on cricket online is as well versed in picking winning bets as others and thus may want to receive cricket picks from bettors that know what they are doing or have a proven record in betting online. This will help new or recreational bettors in having a better chance of winning when betting on cricket. But how can you know you are finding good cricket picks? As you shall learn now, this is not as easy as you might think it is.

Is There Any Information?
The first thing you need to look at, is the write up from the originator of the pick. It doesn't matter how long or what information it contains (although this matters as well), as long as you read through it, it makes sense to you and that it can produce a possible edge from it. If the author only says: "I like India to win over Pakistan", then you cannot deduce much from so little information. In such a case, he should have a long running record of winning bets for you to trust his intuition.

Is The Information Useful?
Now, when it comes to the actual cricket picks, you should carefully read them and assess whether you think and edge can be gained from the information and analysis that the author provides. You don't necessarily have to use the actual picks that is posted, as you can just use the information provided to make up your own decision of what you want to bet on. This is often the best thing to do, as you then aren't having to rely on anyone to make the bets for you, but getting ideas from other tipsters is not a bad idea.

Can The Information Gain Us An Edge?
When you sift through the cricket picks, you also need to think about how this can be used to gain you an edge. Knowing which players are injured or not starting may at sometimes be quite valuable information (when few people knows about it) and at other times it might be nearly useless (although, good to know) when someone has been injured for a long time, everyone knows about it and the bookmaker has probably taken it into account in their calculation of the odds. So see if you can deduce how the information you are given can be used to find an edge in the market and the odds you are given.