Cricket betting tips for live betting




There are a number of in-play markets available for cricket betting on different betting sites. From ball-by-ball betting to sessions betting, there is a wide range of live betting options to choose from. The betting odds offered in these markets are quite attractive. However, there are a few cricket betting tips one must consider before betting on live cricket –


Do not bet impulsively

This is the number 1 cricket betting tip for live betting. The ball-by-ball market is probably the most lucrative one which offers high odds for the 4, 6, and the dot betting option. The odds are updated very quickly in this market, and it gives you a very short timeframe within which you can place your bet. As a result, there is not much time to think before you can bet on the Run on the next delivery. This may lead to impulsive decision making and eventually to bigger losses. Keep a betting strategy and plan in place and stick to it throughout the entire course of the match.


Cash Out

Many leading bookmakers offer the cash out feature. If you’ve placed a bet on the match winner or some other market that allows for cash out, include the cash out option in your betting plan. This will help you reduce your loss and save your bankroll from being emptied out sooner. For example, you have staked a ₹1000 on Mumbai Indians to win in an IPL match at odds of 1.80. Suppose, the team is not doing well and the odds keep on increasing. The cash out feature will allow you to withdraw part of your original stake. The amount you can withdraw depends on the current odds offered for the team.


Follow Live Stats during Betting Live

Betting sites offer live streaming and stats for cricket matches. Stay updated to find insights into the game that will help you make better predictions in the in-play betting markets. Watching the game live can help you better understand the match situation. For example, in a live cricket match, a team is chasing a target with required run rate above 9 r.p.o with 8 more overs to go.


You can get insight into which of the two batsmen on the crease is striking well and what strategy or match-ups is the bowling team using. Using this information, you can make a prediction for who will be the Next Batsman to be dismissed. Use this technique to find other live cricket betting markets where the outcomes can be predicted using in-play statistics and your understanding of the game.