Learn how cricket betting odds can work




As in other sports, cricket  betting odds work as multipliers of the amount you bet on them. England and Australia meet in the One Day International with odds of 2.20 for the former and 1.69 for the latter. Bet £4 on the English and, if they win, you will win a total of £8.80.


Easy, isn't it? You should also know that the higher the value of the odds, the more risk there is because the less likely it is that the event to which it is linked will happen. You will often see this in markets such as best batsman, player of the match or match winner.


Why compare cricket odds?

Comparing cricket odds is an ideal weapon to maximize your profits when betting on cricket, as with any other sport. The reason to opt for what Oddspedia offers is that it allows you to earn more money without increasing the risk linked to your bet, the return is higher for the same investment, and that is always positive.


With this you can earn more money without sacrificing more than the account. Although, of course, using this comparator does not mean that you will always win, you have to apply betting strategies and master this sport in order to have options.


What types of bets are available?

There are many types of online cricket betting available. It is a sport with many markets, which allows you to have a lot of leeway to experiment and apply your knowledge and the information you have with the best chance of getting each bid right.


The usual market is the match winner, but beyond that we find others such as who will get the most runs for six, who will be the best bowlers in a team or tournament, who will qualify for the finals, the best batsmen, match players and much more.


What cricket betting strategies should you consider?

The best cricket betting strategy you can follow is to study all the teams and, within them, make a ranking between best batsmen and best defenders. Once you do this, the rest is as simple as playing them against each other and analyzing their performance against each other, based on previous matches if you want.


With this, you will have a better chance of being right in predicting who will win, but you can also have a chance of winning by guessing the best hitter, the best attacking team and other markets that are very interesting. Don't overlook this if you really want to make money betting on cricket.


Are there any special rules when betting on cricket?

The main rule you should keep in mind when betting on cricket is that every game divides the two teams into two different roles: a batsman and a bowler. The batsman has to make as many runs as possible after hitting, running to each end of the wicket. The bowler has to limit the number of runs of his opponent.


It is necessary to take into account the match formats available (First-Class, Limited Overs, Twenty20) before making a move, as this also influences the behavior of the teams and the length of the matches.