Venkatesh Iyer, now well, is living the IPL dream


A bright career nearly came to an end due to a strange injury to his left ankle that kept him out of action for six months. The doctors would advise him that his leg would never be the same again and that even walking, let alone running, would be difficult. The likelihood of playing cricket once more? Nothing more than a pipe dream.

In the IPL 2023, Venkatesh Iyer is achieving his dream of not just playing cricket but also walking, running, and scoring a century. He broke a century that had been in waiting for 15 years on Sunday at the Wankhede.

He would admit that recovering from the injury was not an easy process. He would often think of many things. An injury affects not only your physical body but also your mental state. The Indore batsman stated, "It makes you go through a lot."

His return, which appeared difficult at one point six months ago when he broke his ankle during the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy that year, requires evident willpower. However, his comeback has also required a great deal of effort. He would place in a long stretch of time of difficult work under Abhishek Nayar, Kolkata Knight Riders' associate mentor, and it has guaranteed that he isn't just back on the field yet has likewise improved as a player than he was before the injury.

Because of the constant expectation and comparison pressure, Iyer's role with the Knight Riders has not been easy. When it came to retention, the management of the franchise gave him preference over Shubman Gill, who was thought to be the next big thing in Indian cricket. He had to fulfill that obligation.

What's more, this year, he has been doled out the job of filling in for the skipper. The Indore batsman was given the position of No. 3 because Shreyas Iyer was injured for the season. It appears that he did a good job of it. Right now, he is the holder of the Orange Cap with 234 runs in five games, a demonstration of his magnificent structure.

Since Shreyas is not part of the team, someone had to step into the No. 3 spot. At the point when they let me know I will bat No.3, clearly the aim didn't transform, you need to pursue the bowlers in the powerplay and that is the very thing that I'm doing," Iyer would uncover.

He didn't change the style of his batting and went sledge and utensils after the bowlers on Sunday. Sixes would be easier for him to achieve than fours because he would cut, drive, and pull. His 51-ball 104 included nine sixes and sixes. Till the midway phase of the KKR innings, he was the main player to hit a limit for the side. No other person could deal with the two-paced red soil wicket at the Wankhede.

His batting had a method to it. He would drive or loft the ball if it was pitched up, and if it was swung, he would play square. He would occasionally try to improvise, but he would mostly stick to conservative shots like drive, pull, and cut.

Because of how powerful he batted, only he and Andre Russell were able to reach a healthy strike rate of 201%. He scored 125 runs in 62 balls, hitting nine fours and 10 sixes. Only 46 runs were scored by the remaining batters, who combined for three fours and a strike rate of 79.31 on 58 pitches.

"Coming back and playing was something that made me smile after my injury. I've been told by a lot of doctors that I won't be able to run or walk as fast as I normally would. I would be extremely dissatisfied. Iyer would reminisce about his experience and declare, "I am back on the field and contributing to the team's cause."

Indeed, even as he made up for the 15-year shortfall for 100 years for his establishment Kolkata Knight Riders, there was a bit of trouble in him, as the three-figure (104) mark didn't wind up in a triumphant reason against Mumbai Indians.

My disappointment stems from the team's defeat. Iyer, who is 28 years old, states, "My individual preparations will continue, but as a team we must," I'm going to think together with the team. It was hardly his fault that his magnum ended up in a losing cause. Teammates offered very little assistance.

His captain paid Iyer the most respect for his knock. After the match, Nitish Rana said, "I feel bad for Venky, he scored a hundred, played so well, but finished on the losing side." He was essentially implying that there is never poetic justice in a game of cricket, especially in an IPL game.

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